Sunday, November 27, 2011

Names of the Cities

Where rain is ice the feet take steps
knees bending slightly staying close
to the earth not even a squirrel dares
such weather I’m learning to walk in
and wish I could stride like my young
legs carried me twice into Mexico City

I wanted to see the flowers in the lake
Xochimilco and climb the pyramids
at Teotihuacan not even a child’s foot
regards with elan such steps so small
you would need to be goaded by spear
to the top where hearts were sacrificed

A hundred miles south of Winnipeg
I am most happily married to my soul
and she with me though days were long
fifty years from sun to dusk in her eyes
to the quickening body she gave to me
that long ago loving in the city Seattle

I found her finally in San Francisco
you know the song You left her there
and she was with me in New England
where Manhattan and Boston were
though New York is its own not for
everyone say those leaving Santa Fe

She carried me here when I wanted
to stay she said I was with her or I
would be nowhere and here I thrive
as the ice melts and the legs bounce
along steps quickening toes to heels
my body a wand when it is with hers

(27 November 2011)

copyright 2011 by Floyce Alexander

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