Saturday, December 24, 2011


Jim and Priscilla Dills gave birth
to one child, a son
they named Jim. He was known
as Achilles

His parents ran the restaurant
Circle Inn
on the curve out of town
that crossed the bridge

This was before the dinosaur
became the town mascot
this was before thought
when we pursued girls

in the dimly lighted dark
dancing to country
played by Hawaiian guitars
in a land of no leis

That was when football
was everything
for him and one year for me
Achilles said I was strong

like Hector, say,
concubine curled at his feet,
my wife a legend more than I
in that Troy of love

Jim liked to drive
until he slept, he should have
stopped the car
but no, we met in hospital

he with scars lining his face
from plastic surgery
and I with scars in mind
and body only

His football days over
he joined the marines
and driving north on
the coast road he crashed

and died
I went on reading
the Iliad
my war football

Jim and Priscilla came to visit
and wept
Our son would not stop
to sleep

(24 December 2011)

copyright 2011 by Floyce Alexander

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