Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Her Letter and His


Rose sent Dave a letter.
He ripped it open.
Sun broke through.
But where? Here he read:

I got a job singing, honey.
I can take care of Mona
and myself now.
I miss you like hell
and Mona is almost
out the other end.
I start the job next week.
I will take her with me.
Don’t worry, tell Bobby
to sing as you play "Rose."


He played papa: She
could bring her sister
and come back. Why miss
her like this, no need . . .
She could have it all
if she wanted. He could
move and take Mama
with him if she wants . . .

no need . . . She'd hear
her song, he moved back
in his head to keyboards,
no sense being that way,
you make yourself sick,
I should know, I am
a fright in the mirror,
she’d do fine without
me, not me, she’d do
with me, she’d do fine
without me, she would
do fine. I love her so

he goes to the mountains
and takes his mama,
she takes on so happy
he couldn’t do anything
as grand as lift her up
as high as the first snow.


He played the song through.
The place was near empty.

Bobby came up and sang it.
Nobody showed up to listen.

DG had arranged a solo, so
he played it just for Myra.

Some days, Dave muttered
to no one, life is no song.

He stayed up late: I love you,
he wrote, I don't want to die

without you, I have a home
for you here, I'm here alone

losing my mind with worry,
never felt such goddam pain.


He crumpled up the page.
He knew it would do no good
crying on her shoulder . . .

She had all she could do.
This was the end of his song
with her. Give her a life

she earned. Rose, take this
empty envelope, steam it
open and use the stamp

to send it back with word
of what you need and want.
I want you to love your life.

Let me help you. Tomorrow,
copy her address and send
this as far as she was there.

(4, 11 April 2012)

copyright 2012 by Floyce Alexander

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