Friday, June 1, 2012

Saint Anonymous

No one needs a name
who has one.
Bobby was discouraged
with courage.
He knew a hotel room
was no place.
His room upstairs was
to be alone.
In the bungalow
he stayed out of sight,
his name not on the door.
Rebecca’s place on Lake
Washington gone.
Apartment across
the street Connie trod
after hours to fuck
and maybe even sleep
long ago given up.
Now Christina’s too far
to go to on foot.
He had no guts.
He couldn’t say no.
Danny was a lover,
his son's a loser . . .

He missed Katya.
He missed Rebecca.
He missed Melindra.
He missed Earlene.
He missed Cathleen.
Not to mention Mama
Henrietta, missed most
when she hovered
in misty Seattle light
coming in the window
where no one knew
Saint Anonymous
de La Iglesia de La Puta
upstairs. Follow him
up there, where
he goes to see her.

(22 May, 2 June 2012)

copyright 2012 by Floyce Alexander

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