Monday, August 5, 2013

North Shore

Something like a ferret darted between the two bushes bordering the path from the house above to the lake water swirling through the rocks where the gulls came to be fed when he has down there.

That went on as long as the light lasted, then the ferret or whatever it was had left, though the gulls swooped in to spear the breadcrumbs he threw into the air, caught before they found a place on or between the rocks.

They went up a mountain and around it and three hours later he shucked her clothes in the cabin and she balanced her breasts under one arm as he tongued her pussy wet so he could enter her with his gorged cock.

They were there forever, it seemed, though a week passed too fast for either of them. They drove to the casino at the far end of the lake and inside the smoke so thick he coughed and she said, Let’s go. 

At the nearby fort, where the old fort harbored the voyageurs in the past, young people dressed like the originals wandered through to find a tourist interested in conversation and ambled on beside them, sometimes in circles.

They stopped in the town halfway between the casino and their cabin. A tall woman with a smile and comely came out of one door that you could see stairs behind. She entered a café and he remembered her.

He could have been anything he wished to be with her. The tall woman reminded him of her standing and walking and sitting and lying beside him, who was always the singlemost claimant on his heart.

(5 August 2013)

copyright 2013 by Floyce Alexander

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