Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Boiler Room

Not the one I work in, it opens at midnight
and the horns come to play with the reeds.
And we dance until we are wet with desire.
I put my hands all over her and she is naked
everywhere they go. The crowd presses in
to consume our space and we press back,
nakedly. You see, this is fun, and she is hot
for some sex after her legs are loose enough
to lie down and let me in. I am full of what
she wants. Working and nothing but work
will do that to you: make you horny, make
you glad to see her with her bare legs under
her skirt twirling as she moves with the beat.
The horns keep going and so do the reeds.
They stay on the bandstand as long as night
wears on. At dawn we cup our bodies’ cool
resplendent flesh and go down the street
looking for home, finding it where we lie
in shadows, the sun already starting to rise
and voices all around us asking who we are.

(2 October 2010)

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