Monday, October 25, 2010


Extra ordinary imp erious mys ter y
and the spaces between letters are also words
from another language, the one
Wittgenstein identified
as emblematic of a newly discovered wor ld.

If she dons her underthings she’s ready
to go party and smoke a j and drink vino
& screw, like an ampersand their bodies
in the back bedroom where the host says Go
and you went with him who has the long one.

Nietzsche raving mad on the bluff above
the town full of wolves and claws aloft
with wings in her it ed from the Bijou
we entered under exit lights at each end
when everyone was watching Spellbound

Seven years old and now seventy-one,
this wunderkind has Austria written on
his forehead. The mark of Cain or beast,
who knows trundles the wagon on down
the road. I want to live as long as I have to

to get my work done and being asked, What
is your work? silence follows, better to do
than to say, to show than to reveal, to be
than to have been, that way the war ends
inside the heart and the heart comes home.

So he takes it out and puts it in her, his love.
She lets him. She moves around and around
and he lets her. Pretty soon the trailer park
is ablaze with ecstasy, the residents fast asleep
and Marin on notice: the resurgence on its way

(4 October 2010)

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  1. Another one "hit outta da park", Floyce. I don't know if you're recycling, but if not, you are a veritable "cotton gin," ginning out excellent prose/poetry. Old or new, to me, it's good stuff. Thanks for sharing.