Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Post-Election Ditty: To Read

                                                         "I love all men who dive."
                                                             (Melville, of Emerson)

Give up
on the country. Jefferson slept with Sally Hemings. Washington’s teeth were wood but didn’t stand up. No sunshine patriot he. Jefferson rode his horse away from Monticello rather than be taken prisoner: how cowardly! Martha was barren as I recall, and I don’t even read, let alone history, the only country left
now history
is passe.

Obama says it’s his fault. Should’ve tried harder to schmooze with the opposition, who for two years did nothing but everything to drive him from office. Two years
to go.

To read, wipe off the dust and shake the webs from the pages of Emerson, Melville.Why not

I never give up.
Neither do you.

(3 November 2010)

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  1. This perfectly articulates this morning's bewildered hangover, Floyce. Obama takes the blame while the scoundrels who refused the courtesy of shaking his black socialist Kenyan hand see their ranks swollen by even worse scoundrels. We are flashing back to the 1870s, awaiting the arrival of the latest avatar of Rutherford B. Hayes, maybe this time in the shape of a Momma Grizzly. Strange days....