Friday, November 19, 2010

The Round

Let’s say what might happen did.
She prowled the Tenderloin for dope.
I don’t know why she could not stop.
I did. I ran out of money. Why not
spend what little you have on gas,
food, heat, electricity, much less rent.
I didn’t make it. She did. She had
personality. A good fuck, too. Lie
down for enough to score and let
trance take over, rise to Elysia.

I looked for her down there. I stood
on the hill above and saw nothing
except my own fear like a brush fire
sweeping over the valleys of my mind.
I went and drank then. I drank myself
to sleep. She would never come home.
Her need was otherwise. She woke herself
by mid afternoon and went out to score
after turning another fast trick.
After all, that was all there was to do.

(21 October 2010)

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