Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And So

he believed the night was only darkness
and music and now it was also love
in her bed with her body around his
and his upon hers and the thirst, hunger
ravenous as the sounds inside his head
married with silence, slaking their bodies,
devouring all that he and she ever were
to be and forgetting all that had been
and what they would never be in old age
and the candles flickered against the wall
and her kisses tattooed his lips, his hers,
bodies glistening if you could see them
and nobody but they would ever see
the light reflected in their bodies’ sweat,
his cock high up in her delicious cunt,
his hips a merry-go-round, her hips too,
and after he poured his love into her
she straddled him and moved like the loas
were with her, but how could they be with her
now she was beginning to love this man
the more he murmured the words in her ear
and they seemed to her to be listening
to her thoughts unveiling themselves slowly
as she had undressed in the candle light
revealing her perfect body naked
and his lust mingling with what you call love
that is not love but only beginning
to be what must go on so very long
it could be dead soon but it is living
and what is known as love lives very long

(1 February 2011)

copyright 2011 by Floyce Alexander


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