Thursday, March 3, 2011

Into the Day

He couldn’t help but wonder if Ira
understood her, or did he even try?
He asked her. How would I know? I did all
I could to make and keep Ira happy,
I never tried to climb into his head
or ask what I wouldn’t want to be asked,
so how could I know, I only loved him
and he loved me too. We were two flowers
on the same stem with two different roots.
Can’t you see? He let me do my gris-gris,
And I left him alone to play his horn.
How did I know his kin would take his place
until you got here and in bed with me . . .
Juan–who wanted to call himself Johnny
after Patsy Rose started it back up–
listened. Did you tell Patsy Rose that I
was rolling and tumbling with you in bed?
he wanted to ask, but he thought better
and heard her go over the same ground
again, how Ira and she were like this . . .
Until he asked, Do you want me to go?
She: Land sakes alive, honey, why would I want that!
He: Would a tape recorder be better?
She: Why bother? Why don’t you just love me
like you do, if I have something to tell
you’ll be the only one who ever hears.
Now, I have much to do and so do you,
so make love with me again, then go see
the sun shine to make the lake water bright . . .
and they did. And he walked into the day.

(3 March 2011)

copyright 2011 by Floyce Alexander

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