Friday, March 18, 2011


So the days have dwindled to nights while we waited on the sun to turn into the moon.
The dark is better to read by than the sun and the sun wipes away the ink I write with.

I have listened to you and heard myself replying, I am going to climb inside you to live.
Do the same with me. Live a long time. I plan to. Where will we go when we go away?

As it is, I walk clouds. No need to fly. The wings worn are wax. You can float only so far
wanting what you don’t need now that the earth has its own way of opening up for you

So mountains, the sides slick and a cairn marking the place your hooves won’t go above
the gap between rocks where the sea swirls below, its whirlpool a contagion of wizards

Put up your defenses, the way a heart clocks the tape inside your head with no reprieve
Knead your flesh, there’s nothing she won’t do, you want her to keep doing it with you

Nevertheless there are no excuses, the blank checks have been cashed, nothing zeros
cannot placate, the grief with tears that pass for laughter, they are so unusual, so wet.

You too: I love your small pockets of love, how they turn inside out and are all I want.
All you want is for him to take you, tell you how much he needs and will die otherwise.

(19 March 2011)

copyright 2011 by Floyce Alexander

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