Tuesday, January 22, 2013

(to be continued)


The car was going south when the driver realized he needed to be driving north
and turned suddenly smashing the car on his left which had been following,
not either even with his or far behind carrying a Latino family through Northampton
where he never knew or asked, he was too drunk and needed to fuck with the girl
beside him and wanted to get back to his house before she asked to go to hers,
therefore went to jail for the night, to become more than sober, positively defeated.

She said of all the men she had known and even married some of them, she said,
You are the only man who never bores me. She knew she could say this any time
and he would accept it as the reason she loved him, and he her, and with that love
became a moot subject even though the world of the intellect and stupidity’s truth
remained to be discussed though certainly already viewed with suitable disgust,
and so the remainder of their lives was devoted to his insistence he become a boor.

22 January 2013 (to be continued)

copyright 2013 by Floyce Alexander

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