Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tentative Casting

So skip the shipwreck? and jettison why
the magus’s bane happens to find him
where he took his books of magical arts
with his daughter, her mother dead or gone
to bed down with rotten nobility
who flushed him out and offered asylum
on this island he shares with a savage
he taught to say God damn you and Fuck you,
so this witch’s son confined to a cage
believes is what magic is meant to do.

For Ariel Beasley may choose Jacqui,
whose youth is deceiving now that her legs
open to beckon the magus’s wand,
for her sex would welcome what’s not offered.
Or is Jacqui Miranda? Who would know
if not the man with a ring in one ear?
Beasley is the bard of his own island;
therefore assumes the role of Prospero.
And Caliban? Who else but Dee is fit
to be not only cannibal but slave?

Black Prospero names Jacqui Miranda;
Angel will be his only Ariel.
Poor Dee, enraged, longs to be free to roam
this island that was his before the cage.
Will anyone here ever be happy?
Prospero’s old tormentors have arrived
on the ferry from the coastal city
hired to bring them here to torture his wand
into spitting venom their pores suck in,
knowing not even death lasts forever.

(27 April 2013)

copyright 2013 by Floyce Alexander

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